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About Us

Who uses Daily Bread?

We only work with B2B companies.

SaaS and software products

Daily Bread is great for anyone building SaaS or software products looking for customers.

Agencies and service based businesses

Daily Bread is great for any company selling services or agencies.

Any company focused on B2B

We're industry agnostic so as long as you're B2B, we can help you get that daily bread.


How it works


Step one - Onboarding

Upon signup, fill out the onboarding questionnaire that gives our team the required customer information. This includes job role, geographic location, industry, and more. This info is used to collect your targeted leads.


Step two - Collect Leads

Every day our team scrapes social media sites, collects data through our multiple landing pages and aggregate leads using our AI and machine learning from various online sources.


Step three - Get Leads

Every morning you will receive a fresh batch of leads directly into your inbox. These are customers/users that are either buying/using your services/product.

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We haveth the recipe πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ³

We create products that solve real problems and use Daily Bread for our own companies. The proof is in the pudding.

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We doeth the cooking 🍳

We focus on generating you new leads so that you can focus on building your company.

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Leads equal dough πŸ’°

Leads equal users and customers. And, users and customers are the yeast to make that dough rise-- ya know, the key to company growth.

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Your Daily Bread Lead Structure

Every day you will receive leads into your inbox with the following data.

Company Data

This information includes targeted company info including geographic location, industry, company size, etc.

Contact Data

This information includes first and last name, email, title, location, company, company website.

Verified Emails

Each lead we provide contains a verified email through our email checker software in our 'Big Bread' plan.


Bread, dough, cheddar, moolah-- whatever you call it, you should be focused on getting it πŸ§€

This is how you get started.

Startup Bread

If you're just getting cooking, this plans for you.

$149/ mo
  • 10 daily leads
  • Emails and company info
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Big Bread

If you already have a lot in the oven, this plans for you.

$999/ mo
  • 100 daily leads
  • Emails and company info
  • Email verification
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Customer Assessment

We'll help you get clear on your target customer avatar.

$99/ once
  • 3 day turnaround
  • Specific customer info
  • Targeted demographic
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